What comes to mind when you think of that word? All mighty? Powerful? Omnipotent? King? Maybe judge, jury and executioner depending on what you’ve heard. Be it in a positive or negative context, I’m sure “perfect” makes it in there somewhere.

It’s true, of course. God is perfect. Even as He came down as Jesus, as God robed in flesh, He embodied perfection. That’s why He could become the sacrifice necessary to save us, one that was not tainted by blemishes or scars.

It seems reasonable then, to think that when approaching such a powerful, perfect God you should be at your best. You should have it together as best as you can: no lingering addictions, no messy relationships. You should be employed so that you might tithe; you should have your family life together. If you don’t have it together, then you can’t offer Him your best. And why would a King be interested in anything but the best?

In this line of thinking, it’s easy to feel as though you’re barred from God if certain problems persist in your life. Perhaps you haven’t quite conquered your addictions yet. Maybe you’re toeing the line of divorce from your spouse. You’ve found that you can’t hold down a job, a home, a family. It’s practically all you can do to hold it together yourself. If Christ embodies perfection, you embody imperfection. You feel that you don’t have a single unblemished part of you to offer to a perfect God.

So, you wait. “Not now”, you say. “Not yet. I’m not worthy yet.” 

With any other King, that might be true. But not with Jesus.

Jesus died for every single blemish, for every hurt and every scar. He didn’t die just for the best in you; He died for the entirety of who you are. His desire is that you willingly offer all of yourself to Him and open your heart to His love and His plan for your life.

I know it can feel intimidating or even shameful to be vulnerable to God and willingly bare your scars. The Bible refers to God as “light” in 1st John 1:5, going on to say that “in Him is no darkness at all,” (KJV). In His light, we can’t hide or warp the truth like we can in the dark. Nothing is hidden and we are seen as we are.

But the light does something the darkness cannot. Sit in a dim room on a stormy day. As the storm rolls in everything darkens into shady grays and murky blues. But when the storm has said its piece and moved on, the sunlight breaks through. Suddenly every part of the room is cast in a warm, invigorating light that offers it new life. Any scarring or signs of age that accentuated the room’s imperfection in the darkness compliments its newfound beauty in the light.


God wants to do that for each of us. He wants us to see ourselves as He sees us- for all we are and all that we can be. He wants us to understand our worth. To Jesus, we were worth dying for.

I know it’s not easy to be vulnerable. What’s easier is to project negative, human reactions onto God. People can cast you in a negative light when you make yourself vulnerable to them. But God already knows. He just wants you to make the choice to acknowledge that He knows and that He loves you anyway. Jesus wants you to present your hurts, your struggles and your scars only so that He might pour His love on them and begin to make you new.

There’s a song I listen to often that says this: “the greatest risk we’ll ever take is by far, to stand in the light and be seen as we are”. The song speaks about vulnerability with other people. But with Jesus, there’s no risk. He won’t reject you. He won’t use your vulnerability to abuse you or exploit you. And yet, for some- for myself, I know- it can be hard to wrap our minds around the reality of how risk-free standing in God’s light is. 

Maybe you still can’t wrap your mind around it. That’s okay. But I encourage you: take that step of faith anyway and let the light of Jesus Christ illuminate every aspect of your life. 

He already sees you. He already knows you. Even now, He already loves you.

So come and stand in the Light.

May you continue to experience extraordinary in Him!

Antrisha Balakumaran