Gravity plays a pivotal role in our lives. 

It’s a good thing! Gravity keeps us grounded and anchored in the literal sense. It gives our bodies mass and the ability to exert force on other things in our environment. It doesn’t pull everything down so much as in towards the centermost part of the planet. For the most part, none of us have any argument with letting gravity act on us as it will. But for the few who have found a reason to try to leave its grasp, they’ve quickly come to realize a common truth.

Breaking through gravity is hard.

If you’ve ever watched a space shuttle being launched, you know it takes a tremendous amount of force to leave Earth’s gravity and enter into orbit in space. To break free of Earth’s gravity one must achieve escape velocity. This is the speed an object needs to be travelling in order to break free of the gravitational force of a planetary object. According to NASA, to break free of Earth’s gravity a spacecraft must be travelling around 11 kilometres per second! 

Clearly, escaping gravity is something that must be done with intention. You won’t escape its grasp by accident. 

So many struggles in our lives can feel just like gravity- an inevitable force that we struggle to breakthrough. You might win a little here and gain a little distance there, but in time you find yourself drawn back in, struggling as if you never gained any ground at all. If anything, it might feel as though you’re being drawn into a black hole, deeper and deeper until the very gravity of your struggle is crushing and stretching you beyond what you can cope with on your own.

A speaker that visited EC a while back gave an analogy of how we tend to deal with issues in our lives. He talked about how often when we’re trying something new or attempting to break free of something, we tend to test the waters. Few will jump in without reserve. First, we’ll stick a toe in; maybe wince at the temperature if it’s cooler than we’d hoped. Then we’ll try a foot. By the time we’re up to our calves, we may just decide to back off and enjoy the sun for a bit rather than get the core of ourselves involved. 

We tend to like doing things slowly through a process. There’s a place for that, no doubt. But some things? Some things you have to run from. Some things require repentance in the form of that immediate and absolute 180-degree about-face. Sometimes you can’t gradually turn away. You have to rip away. You have to travel 11 kilometres per second until you break through its hold on you and enter into orbit. 

Breaking free of gravity is a fight against the forces. In the literal sense, spacecraft break free of gravity because the force that propels them up and out is greater than the force gravity is exerting to pull them down and in. In the human sense, the idea is the same save for one thing- what fuels us? What gives us the power we need to break free from a struggle, an addiction or a mindset?

No doubt, if you’ve struggled with anything in your life you’ve probably tried a process. Maybe that looked like a gradual lifestyle change, a set of S.M.A.R.T. goals, a diet or counselling. If it did- there’s nothing wrong with that! Those things can definitely help to a point. But sometimes they just aren’t enough. They don’t provide enough fuel to fight the weight of the struggle pulling you back under. So if processes aren’t cutting it and you can’t find enough strength within yourself to breakthrough, you need a stronger force to turn the tide of the battle happening at your core.

You need Jesus.

Jesus, the creator of all things, of every force. Jesus won the victory over death, hell and the grave. Jesus, the one we can run to. Jesus, the one who can deliver us from what we, through our own power can’t run from. 

Philippians 4:13 is a well-known verse of the Bible that states this: “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,” (NKJV). Christ is the weapon you can use to fight every battle: battles in the world, battles in the spirit and battles within yourself. Everything about Him is greater than any force you will ever face.  

If you’re struggling to break free of something, I encourage you to try depending on Jesus. Set your eyes on Him and through His strength break free of what has held you captive. The pull of His presence will keep you safe. The struggle you’ve struggled with will have no effect when you let Jesus be an active force in your life. 

Breaking free can happen through walking. But sometimes it takes running. Let Jesus be your fuel, your drive, your focal point. 

When you’re running to Him, there’s nothing you can’t break free from.

May you continue to experience extraordinary in Him!

Antrisha Balakumaran