Are you covered?

“Face covering required”, posted at the entrance of every store, restaurant, and supermarket. You can’t buy or do anything outside your home without having your mouth, nose, and chin covered.  Many people feel this is entirely unfair to be required by law to wear a mask in public. Which they believe is a violation of their rights and freedom. But what other options do we have during a global pandemic?  A pandemic that has claimed the lives of thousands, with no safe vaccine to protect us.  

The preventative measure available to us to slow the spread of the Covid 19 virus is social distancing, washing your hands, wearing a mask, eat healthily, and exercise regularly. Yet, wearing a mask doesn’t guarantee stopping you from contracting the virus.  Which goes against the common idea that wearing a mask will protect you from infection. So, it seems we are facing a daunting task. One of our collective responses is apparent. Wear a mask or some sort of face covering. 

In times like this, people may be wondering where God is in all of this.  Some may even be asking the question; how can a loving God allow so many lives to be lost? In this season, I believe God has a question for us. That question is, “are you covered?”

Not the physical covering that we have been wearing for over a year, but are you covered with the blood He has provided for us to wash away our sins. So, if you were to die today, are you covered?  Or if He was to come for us tomorrow, are we covered? And, as we live each day under these conditions, “are you covered.” Conscious and cautious of what comes out of our mouth may be harmful to another person. Which is something this virus is forcing us to do. Such as think about the welfare of others before ourselves.  It is as if God wants us to learn something from this experience. Like He is giving us physical practice for what we need to do spiritually.

Proverbs 13:3 reads, “Whoever guards his mouth preserves his life, he who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.”  The bible has many verses like this that stress the importance of guarding one’s mouth and tongue—cautioning us to be aware that the words we use have the power to build up or tear down.  If we are not careful, we can destroy our relationships, marriages, harm our children, or our siblings by the words we chose to say. 

The idea of wearing a covering is nothing new.  Man has needed to be covered from creation.  When Adam and Eve sinned against God, God provided the first covering for them, both physically and spiritually.  He provided them with the skins of an animal as clothing because they became aware that they were naked. He also provided them with the blood of an animal for temporary atonement for the sin they committed.  He also promised to provide a covering for their sin that will cover their sins for eternity through Jesus Christ.

In our lives today, it is essential to be covered.  You can’t legally drive or own a home without insurance.  We need health and dental insurance to protect ourselves from unexpected medical expenses.  We also purchase warranties to cover the important things to us, such as our cell phones and computers, to assure that they could be replaced or repaired without additional cost if something was to happen to them. But why is it when it comes to our souls, we neglect to make sure we are covered?  It’s easy for us to forget the unseen. And the things that come after this life.

In the Biblical account of the life of Moses, there is an example of what can happen when we fail to make sure we are covered.  Pharaoh lost his first-born son because he did not follow the instructions of Moses to cover the entranceway of his house with the blood of the lamb.  Also, he refused to follow God’s instructions to let the people of God go.  Those that had the covering of blood on their doorpost were spared when the spirit of the Lord came to take the lives of all the firstborn of Egypt. The Israelites survived the Passover because they obeyed the commandments of God.  They were also spared from losing any souls from all ten plagues that were placed upon Egypt because they trusted in God.

I believe this season will pass over just as God smote Egypt to liberate His people from slavery. I believe God is allowing the world to be smitten by Covid 19 so people can be set free from slavery. Not physically liberated but liberated spiritually. Set free from the things that separate us from God. Let not our hearts be hardened like Pharaoh in the story of Moses. Let us take the time to get close to God.

The world and social media are keeping count of how many people are being infected daily and how many are dying from this virus.  Let us do what Pastor Akil is doing and start a count of how many people are being saved, baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with His Spirit.

Then finally, people will get the answers to the questions they may have.  Questions like, “Where is God?” “Why are so many lives being lost to COVID? Those answers can be found in His word.  Those answers can be found if you get on your knees and ask Him.  

Growing up in church, I remember this saying, “If you never had a problem, how can you know God can solve them.”  The old testament repeatedly shows examples that when times are good, people forget about God, but in times of trouble, people come together and look to their Creator for help. 

All power, glory and authority belong to Him.  He loves us, and if we put our trust in Him, we have nothing to fear.

May God Bless you!


By Stephen Simpson